My Writing Journal – Prologue

Hi! I’m officially back from my on-and-off hiatus. And I’m really excited to get right back into posting on my blog. A lot has happened for me in the past few months, which is a natural part of life. Mentally, I’m in a very different place than I thought I would be in. So my goals have evolved as well when it comes to writing. I’m really excited to get started!

So what am I even writing?

I’ve had an idea for the past few years to write a young adult fantasy novel. The idea has gotten better and better over the years and I’m now at a place where I feel it is ready to be written.

I’ve tried writing this book at least once every year for the last four years and I usually can’t get past the plotting stage. Last year I was able to write about 20 000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo but I ended up hating the direction the book was going so I scrapped it. Honestly, I was getting to the point where I thought I needed to scrap this idea altogether. I thought this book wasn’t the book.

But then … last Friday I sat down at my desk like I normally do and just briefly thought about my book. Then instead of pulling out a notebook and a pen I found a blank-unlined sheet of paper and a pencil. In the middle of that paper I wrote “Book 1” and put a circle around it. Then I wrote down the names of two of my narrators and decided to add two more. Next I wrote down what I knew about each of them, their strengths, flaws, etc. And then instead of trying to come up with their stories from the beginning of the book I created their backstories. From there I was able to determine what their breaking points would be.

I was getting so excited during this process that by the end I could barely read my writing. So many new ideas were coming to me in that moment. This had never happened before when I tried to write this book. It might have been the timing or the fact that I changed my brainstorming process. Afterwards I just sat there at my desk and stared at the sheet of paper full of scribbles and I finally felt like I could do this. That I could write this book. It was an amazing moment.

This past weekend I’ve been able to get so much work done because of the energy I received from that one moment on Friday. And my motivation is still going strong. Now when I think of writing I don’t feel dread. I feel excitement and inspiration.

So what did I actually get done this weekend?

It’s been a while since I worked on my book last so I wanted to start this process by refreshing myself on plot. This involved going back through my files and looking over resources that I found years ago. Those resources are life-savers! There are so many of them that I’ll have to create another post to go over them and what I use each of them for. So look for that in the near future!

To keep my motivation and inspiration going through this whole process I decided to stay organized and move my work over to a notebook. I’m using a basic notebook with lined paper. This was given to me by another writer for the purpose of getting my own story down on paper. This helps with the inspiration piece. But any notebook would work just fine. Or a file on your computer! But I prefer writing things down.

I created some goals for the next few months as well:

  • Finish plot by mid June
  • Complete detailed outline by the end of June
  • Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo in July (set goal to either 50 000 or 80 000 words)
  • Finish first draft by mid August
  • Take some time away from draft

These deadlines and goals will probably evolve over time depending on how things go.

Another thing I did was create a book/writing Instagram account where I can post pictures of my books AND keep myself accountable with my writing. As well, I’ve started posting on my Twitter account. I really like being involved in the writing community while I’m writing. It’s motivating and helpful in many different ways.

I should probably get back to work now! I’ll try and post these writing updates every week to two weeks depending on how much I have to share.

Does anyone else write about their writing process?

What are your writing goals?

5 thoughts on “My Writing Journal – Prologue

  1. Good luck with your goals! Though 80K in one month sounds really ambitious! 😲 I’ve never managed more than 42K in a month personally, though I’ve reached 40K more than once.

    I’m currently debating whether I want to keep revising my current project or move on to novel length project #7. This July will mark my current project’s second anniversary in novel form, and it was a short story before that. I’d really like to get it to a point where I can start querying in time to write something new for NaNo in November, but I’m currently waiting on feedback for this project and don’t want to accidentally do all the work of revising the story in a direction that I will later regret. And I also may even feel the need to find additional readers after the current ones have finished.

    But I also really want to do July Camp, so I may just start something new next month instead of my original plan.


    • I know it’s super ambitious! I’m definitely thinking of lowering it ahah. I just really want to at least get the entire story down in July even if the word count is too short. So I can start draft two in August before my semester starts in September.

      It’s always so hard to decide what to work on! Thankfully I only have this one project right now, even thought I have some ideas for others floating around. I just write them down and put them away for later. That sounds like a tough choice! SO many options.

      I really want to do the July Camp and then maybe do NaNo in November for another draft of this project.

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    • Wow! I don’t think I could work on something that quickly, then again, I usually feel like I need a break between drafts and maybe you’re the type of writer who can just jump right in to the next stage of your project. I also tend to be an underwriter (my first draft of my last project is the only first draft I’ve written that has been over 70K. In the past I’ve so much as doubled my original word count in later drafts.)

      Yes, and I’m even debating which one of my ideas I would work on if I do write something new! Yes, my last project is the only one that I’ve written spontaneously without giving the story a lot of thought first, and I do have some regrets because I think it’s the least high concept thing I’ve ever written but *shrugs*.

      Good luck with Camp and NaNo if you participate!


    • I think I’m an over writer ahah! Also editing is my favourite part so I really like to jump right into it. I usually take a break between the second and third draft thought once I have a more clear image of the story.

      Thanks and good luck to you as well 🙂

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